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We are Noosa Collective

Create – Live – Celebrate – Remember!

Named after the home beach of founder Cathie Withyman, Noosa Collective’s jewellery is based on the idea that our lives are a collection of unique memories shaped by the people, places and adventures we experience.

At Noosa Collective, we design and make jewellery that celebrates your own story and unique journey. We create jewellery that connects you to the memories of special moments in time.

Noosa Collective is more than just a brand – it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is filled with adventure, connection and authenticity. It’s about embracing the moment, enjoying the adventure and celebrating the connections.

We live by the philosophy – Create it – Live it  – Celebrate it – Remember It

My Story – Cathie Withyman - Noosa Collective founder

In 2018 I decided life was too short to continue working a job that didn’t fulfil me, that was disconnected from purpose, passion and creativity and that felt like it was sucking the life out of me. So, I quit! I took the leap and left my 9 to 5 corporate gig that paid well but didn’t inspire me or contribute to the lives of others.

I spent the first six months of 2019 rediscovering my creativity and connecting back to my true self, talking with people, honing my craft and sourcing and designing my jewellery. In June 2019 I launched Noosa Collective online, as a custom order jewellery service where I embed people’s precious memories (sand, ashes, hair, petals, soil, crystals, etc) into the individual jewellery pieces. Essentially, I create Jewellery to Remember, Jewellery to Connect and Jewellery to Celebrate. 

At this time, I also began offering, what I call, ‘Intention Jewellery Making Workshops’. I wanted to create space for women to gather and take some time to focus on themselves. To rekindle their creativity and to refocus their hearts and minds to connect with their inner intuition. I found that as women, we are all too often so busy caught in the daily rush of life, in the catering to everyone else, and in performing as life ‘says’ we should, that we forget to slow down, to listen to our soul and let the universe guide us for a while.

My workshops allow women to do just that, to take time and breathe a little. We create a beautiful ‘intention gem’ made from pure crystal sand, we learn to hand stamp precious silver metal and to construct a silver necklace that serves as a special reminder to reconnect with ourselves.

Cathie Withyman Noosa Collective founder

I also offer tailored jewellery making experiences for special events and occasions, such as jewellery making for bridal parties, family occasions, birthday celebrations, team focus sessions, wellness retreats and many other special occasions.

For example, in the lead up to a wedding the bride and bridesmaids gather to create their own jewellery pieces that connect them to this special time and include a special treasure, such as sand from the beach they are to married on, petals from the flowers to be used in the bouquets, or crystals that connect them to energy and intention. Or a group of women on a retreat will gather to create a beautiful crystal gem to refocus their intentions and connect back to their creative souls.

The changes I have made in my life and the creations I am putting out into the world make me proud and happy. I am contributing in a positive way to the lives of others and providing a unique service that helps people to connect with, and celebrate life and their own special journey by honouring their memories in beautiful jewellery that can worn and treasured.

I would love to create something special just for you!

X Cathie