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Jewellery Care

How to care for your keepsake jewellery

As with any jewellery, it is important to treat your Noosa Collective pieces with care. Our jewellery is strictly adornment jewellery. The jewellery we create is delicate and will be damaged if the below instructions are not adhered to.

Just as you would any other precious keepsake.  Do not use any chemicals, or soaps to clean your jewellery.  Don’t expose your piece to heat or chemicals such as nail polish, perfume, hairspray, body lotion, sunscreen, etc.

Do not leave your jewellery in the sun or heat.  If it is left in the sun it may slightly yellow over time.  Do not get your jewellery wet, this includes showering or swimming with your jewellery on. Avoid scratching or dropping your piece and ideally store it away from other jewellery. Store in the Noosa Collective pouch or jewellery box when not being worn.

 Remember to please always remove your jewellery when:

  • Applying lotion, perfume, hairspray or other beauty products
  • Showering or swimming
  • Washing hands (if wearing a keepsake ring)
  • While cleaning due to contact with chemicals, cleaning wipes included
  • Sunbaking, gardening or playing sport
  • Prolonged exposure to fluorescent light
  • While cooking as the heat from the stove can damage your resin based piece
  • Preparing food, any contact with acidity (such as vinegar) can deteriorate your piece of jewellery.

Noosa Collective jewellery is handcrafted uniquely for you.  Each piece will have slight individual imperfections/differences and we love this, as this is what makes your piece special and individual.

Please treat your jewellery with care and it will lovingly provide you with connection to your precious memories for years to come.

If the above instructions are not followed no guarantee is given. Noosa Collective will replace items deemed to be faulty if returned within 7 days. No refunds or replacement will be provided for general wear and tear, ageing or use.